Sample Itinerary

Here is a typical schedule for a full day of private guiding with SEC.  Guides are flexible, and you can work with them to customize this schedule to your needs.  (And, as always when in the backcountry, this schedule is subject to change.)

The day before:

  • Guide will contact you via email or phone to gather information (such as your goals/desires for the day, splitboarding experience, downhill/uphill abililty, etc.) in order to help with planning.
  • A meeting time and place will be set.  This could be at a local coffee shop, in order to complete paperwork and check gear.  Or, for a faster departure, guides can meet clients at a trailhead.  Check out the equipment list.

The morning of:

  • Your guide will check snow, weather, and avalanche conditions in order to complete their plan for the day.
  • Clients are encouraged to eat a hearty breakfast, and pack a good assortment of easily-consumable trail foods for the day's adventures.  Begin drinking water, as it's very easy to get dehydrated in the winter environment.

At the trailhead:

  • The guide will provide a brief orientation of the day, if it had not already been covered.  This might include a description of the terrain, vertical relief, and mileage for the planned tour.  You will also review potential hazards, communication, and emergency procedures.
  • Final equipment check, including location of first aid kit in the guides pack and car key locations for everyone in the party.

During the day:

  • Generally, when departing from a trailhead, there is a long (1 mile or so?), relatively flat, approach to the base of a slope that you plan on climbing and riding.
  • The guide will maintain communication with you and your party to monitor pacing, layering, and hydration, and to explain their decision-making process throughout the day.
  • After reaching the base of a slope, you will climb through steeper terrain to gain an appropriate changeover location.  With a quick changeover, you can maximize your time on the snow!  
  • Go downhill!  With another quick changeover, you should be able to get another run in by mid-day.
  • Generally, you will be consuming snacks throughout the day, and won't necessarily sit down for an extended lunch break (unless that is your preference).
  • More runs in the afternoon, or other skill development, such as transceiver practice, will round out the day.

Returning to the trailhead:

  • This is often the most difficult part of the day.  Sometimes the final "out" back to the trailhead is a narrow, icy skintrack.  The guide will offer suggestions for controlling speed and managing other risks associated with the final descent.
  • Rental gear is generally collected at the trailhead, and the guide will exchange closing thoughts with you.



Contact SEC with questions or contact a specific guide to reserve a half-day or full-day on the snow.